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James North-Coombes at Red Stag – Deer and Emu Farm
Author:  James North-Coombes 

Hello, Wheelie Good Buddies and friends.

About me

My name is James North-Coombes, founder of Wheel Experiences and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I am an experienced traveller and this is my first blog post about my personal travel experiences.

I’m funny, enjoy going out and experiencing new things and visiting new places around the world including Australia.

My life experiences

My disability has been great because I have given myself the opportunity to adapt to living life in a wheelchair and it’s giving me a different perspective on life. I just continue to live life to the fullest no matter the circumstances as giving up is not an option.

I was very happy to use a wheelchair for everyday mobility when I was 11 years and 9 months.

To get started with being part of a positive change in the travel industry, I studied a Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management.

This has provided me with the experience to truly understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the inclusive travel sector for both travellers and service providers.

I run my own disability and Inclusive travel business and help foster change in the industry.

Many people enjoy exploring the world and pushing through limits with big adventures and new experiences. In 2013 and 2017, my brother and I went on two incredible trips of a lifetime, backpacking in our wheelchairs throughout England, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic,` and the Netherlands.

So many amazing memories. I have officially caught the travel bug.

These adventures haven’t been without their challenges though as my brother and I navigated through accessibility issues with public transport, hire vehicles, public spaces, tourist attractions and finding suitable accommodation in other languages and places.

My experiences, both good and bad with travel overseas, in Australia and even locally within Melbourne, have ignited my passion for adventure.

This passion is something I want to share with other people with disabilities, by assisting them to explore the world independently.

We hope everyone enjoys the wheelie experience blog 🙂

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